BenMar Extractions was established in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, in 2018. BenMar and its workforce have combined their over 4 years of experience with extracting hemp derived cannabinoids in the state of Tennessee under the 2018 Farm Bill statute 7606. BenMar International Group was the first extraction company to have been accredited and certified by the state of Tennessee.

Started by the Teach Family after the loss of their beloved Ben from a rare form of leukemia at the age of 4, Tom and Todd Teach partnered with family friend Bill Wall in Tennessee and Benmar was created. With their roughly 100 years of combined manufacturing and business development experience, the partners’ mission is to develop the highest quality, hemp derived extractions on the market today.

Along with providing the products, BenMar will be working closely with doctors and research partners, with the hopes of developing new, and natural, alternative treatments to provide solutions where there are few, and most importantly, where there are none.

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  • BenMar Extractions is a multidisciplinary laboratory applying highly developed and proprietary processes to maximize our equipment efficiencies, allowing BenMar to provide our customers some of the highest yielding extraction services in the industry.
  • Deep-Cryogenic extraction equipment combined with our proprietary processes allow BenMar to offer extraction efficiency levels greater than or equal to hydro-carbon extractions, with the safety and “cleanliness” of other less efficient methods like carbon-dioxide.
  • Multiple extraction lines give BenMar the flexibility, redundancy and stability that you would find in more traditional “manufacturing” companies, providing more confidence that we will get the job done to our customers’ requirements.
  • BenMar is a leader in the efforts to bring quality and standardization to the industrial hemp industry by developing and implementing a ConformanceWare® IQMS specifically designed for the hemp industry. BenMar shall achieve and maintain certification by an independent 3rd party certification body to the ISO 9001:2015, FDA (cGMP-Title 21 CFR Part 210-211) (ICH-Q7), EU GDP and applicable State(s) and regulatory standards & requirements.  By using the IH Series – MANUFACTURE Edition (http://www.conformanceware.com/IHseries/), BenMar will be a leader in consistently providing the highest quality products.


Quality means conformance to the requirements of our customers, not “goodness”. BenMar is committed to meeting our customers expectations by continuously improving all aspects of our operation.


At BenMar quality comes from prevention, not detection, and by establishing and demanding a quality performance standard of zero defects through prevention, not acceptable quality levels.


Using our proprietary extraction methods, BenMar is able to achieve hydro-carbon level extractions results, but with the safety and stability of cryogenically chilled ethanol.


Our organization will work with research partners to help develop new, improved products that are backed by science and proper medical research. We invite our customers, vendors and partners to join us in providing support to the research community.

Discover The Future

“Make the most you can of the Indian Hemp seed.  The Hemp may be sown anywhere.”

–George Washington, 1st President of the United States of America

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