Our application of a performance standard of “zero defects through prevention” and a quality standard of “conformance to customer requirements”, BenMar works to provide the highest and most effective results for customer satisfaction. BenMar develops customized Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) based on the quality and state of the supplied biomass.

In addition, BenMar believes that quality and standardization are critical to providing the best and safest products to the marketplace, as well as being a necessary step for our industry as a whole. Working directly with UpShot’s ConformanceWare® management system experts, BenMar has taken a proactive approach to quality by establishing and implementing a fully integrated hybrid quality management system. One that meets the ISO 9001:2015, as well as both FDA cGMP and EU certification requirements.

Through the subject matter guidance of the ConformanceWare®  team along with their all-inclusive and affordable consultation/documentation package, AIM Program/Industrial Hemp (IH) Series – MANUFACTURE Edition, http://www.conformanceware.com/IHseries/

BenMar will conduct operations using a best-in-class integrated quality management system (IQMS) that will be audited by an independent 3rd party certification body on an annual basis. This is to make sure that we are focused on continual improvement and most importantly, keeping our commitments to our customers, by assuring you the products we produce are of the highest quality. Period.

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